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Welcome to iQuot it health insurance agency! is a business – to – consumer insurance agency that delivers Web-based, health insurance information to individuals, families and small businesses who are in need of insurance. Our integrated suite of online services facilitate a comprehensive search and review of all of your options. If you’re in the market for yourself, your company’s employees or just shopping around – you’ll find the best option in the Market here, that is my promise to you as a Broker I work with must of the major providers for your benefit.

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    Family Insurance

    One of the key differences between family health insurance and individual coverage is that you and your loved ones are all protected under the same plan.

    Enrolling in a family plan is often considered the first step towards a healthier life for not only yourself but everyone on the policy. You will all have access to the same level of care and benefits, but your deductible structure will be a bit different.

    Short Term

    When To Consider Temporary Coverage

    Short-term plans are called temporary for a reason. They don’t provide the comprehensive health coverage you may be looking for, but can definitely come in handy.

    For example, many people turn to temporary health insurance between jobs and use it as a way to keep themselves, and their families protected in the event of a medical emergency.

    Group Health

    There is no law requiring small business owners to provide health insurance. But large companies may face penalties if they do not offer health coverage.

    However, it is the best practice to have your employees covered under group health insurance plans, which protects your small business against many risks and is a great benefit that will help attract more talented employees.

    Dental Insurance

    When most people think about health insurance, they think first about covering costs of treatment for serious medical conditions or accidents. That’s a natural thing to do.

    But there’s another type of insurance that’s equally important to your well being: Dental Insurance. Because dental disease is so common, being protected by Dental Insurance and using it wisely are essential safeguards for you and your family.

    Medicare Supplements

    Supplemental health insurance is purchased in addition to your health insurance policy to help pay for any medical expenses your health insurance won’t cover. It is often purchased alongside high deductible health insurance plans, or any plan that comes with high out-of-pocket costs.

    If planned out correctly, you can end up saving big on your health insurance and medical costs each year by pairing your regular health insurance policy with a supplemental policy.


    Catastrophic health insurance plans were created under the Affordable Care Act, and are designed to be an affordable option for those who are eligible. Catastrophic plans save money up front by offering low monthly premium options and high out-of-pocket costs and deductibles.

    Catastrophic doesn’t affect the quality of care you receive, nor do they affect how your claims are processed and reimbursed, they just offer a different premium and out-of-pocket cost relationship that can save you money. Catastrophic plans also come with a different eligibility process than other plans purchased through the health insurance marketplace.

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    What other people say about Health Insurance

    • J Bore Marketing

      I din’t know that I can get Health insurance at any time of the year, Mario after taking my call and asking me few questions he explained to me the different option I had and got a quote on the spot. Very professional with knowledge and easy to talk to.

    • S Quinto Shop Admin

      In the beginning of 2019 I chose to change carriers and was left with out Health Coverage, I was referred by a mutual friend to an Agent with and got Short Term coverage, easy to work with, lots of support to help me understand my options and planing for permanent Health Coverage. I got Dental coverage too.

    • G Turner IT Manager

      My daughter had a baby son last year and I was looking for a present for my 1st grandchild and read something about Life Insurance as a great investment in some ones life, I started researching of Universal Life policies and spoked to a great guy I know for many years an a Agent with and got a policy with Living Benefits, I pay only $287 per month for $1,000,000 of coverage on my grandson at age 20 he will have access to around $186,000 for School and at age 40 will have access close to $1,000,000 on a Cash Value.

    • C Echeverry Entrepreneur 4 Life

      One day I received an email offering me and my family Life Insurance, I wasn’t interested at the time and continued receiving articles from for many months, one of the emails I received call my attention because it talk about Cancer and that was always on my mind, I call the Agent ask some question got a Quote and applied for coverage, got my Cancer Policy at the beginning of 2016 had my annual checkup at beginning of summer and was diagnosed with Cancer, I couldn’t believed, I got the Cancer Policy hopping never to use it, but only 6 months later I got $40,000 that help me to keep up with my bills an to have peace of mind.


    • John D Real Estate Broker

      I’m a Business owner and have over 20 employees, my business is very demanding of my time, I have work with Mario for all of my Insurance need for my business and because his Team and knowledge I can relay on his Agency to help me with all of our business and personal insurance need all under same roof, he put a great Benefits Plan for all of the Employees that includes Health, Dental, Vison, Life, Critical Illness and Cancer, my team Love him, they are always there to give us support.

    Health Insurance


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