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Do I qualify for subsidies?

Do I qualify for federal subsidies to get Health Insurance Coverage?

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All state offer like California subsidies if you qualified, use our system to compare in any State of the USA.

Covered California and the IRS are connected in the sense where Covered California uses the household income and household size on the 1040 tax form to calculate health insurance premiums and check for eligible federal subsidies for the applicant.

Based on your annual household income, you may qualify for federal subsidies in the form of Medi-Cal, premium assistance, or cost-sharing reductions.

The reduction can be significant since they cover part of co-payments and deductibles, a Dr visit can be as litter as $5.00 Co-Payment on Medicine too.

Different Metal Coverage are available Bronce, Silver, Gold and Platinum; they all have as part of coverage access to Preventive Care without any co-pay one visit per year that include lab work like blood, urine, pop-smear and mammogram if applies.

Many States have an Exchange like California and the others go true the Federal. In other States is Madicaid not Medi-Cal.

Here you don’t have to know if your State have an Exchange or not, we do, just go to the Get a Quote Now and we will tell you if you qualified or not for the subsidies.

The subsidy will be determined by family size and household income, many families don’t know if they qualified unless they applied for health insurance, since is the law if no coverage for all family members a penalty will be applied at the time of filing your tax returns the following year.

Best Health Insurance, Best price for short term, Individual or Group we can help.

If you are over 65 years we can help you find the best coverage available for your, if qualified for MEDICARE click on the blue medicare word for more information.

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